Tuesday, 30 June 2009

How to Choose a Good Web Hosting

Defining Web Host.
A web host is a service provider that places websites of its customers on a server, which is connected to Internet.

For proving this facility a web hosting provider is generally having high-speed Internet connection as they have to host thousand of web sites on many servers depending upon requirement. Essentially the host providers rent out space where a user can get his website made available to whole world through www i.e. World Wide Web.

The best part of web hosting facility is that now its easy to manage the website even for a layman as all the technical aspects like maintenance of complicated server technology, technical maintenance etc us now the work of these providers. Now one can easily focus on his own Internet business for rest there is host provider.

When you try to build up a personal website either for personal use or for making money, you have to choose a web hosting service. While there are numerous web host services for you to make a decision, finding the suitable web hosting is of the most importance. Here are 3 tips to help you choose a good web hosting provider:

Go Google about the history of the company and the past credit of it as well. Don't choose a company with the age less than 3 years. The longer the web hosting company stays online, the more reliable it is. The reason is that if the web host company can't stand the test of time, how can you trust it to host your website?

Usually, a web host company will offer several payment plans. You can choose to pay one month by one month, you can also have the options of paying 3-month as a term, 6-month as a term and even 1-year as a term. The point here is that it is better for a beginner to choose a short-term plan, because you won't know if the company fills your need. Although it might be a few dollars more expensive, it is worth the choice. By the way, always separate the domain company and hosting company, it is more possible to have problem with hosting company than domain company. Once it happens, you can transfer to another hosting company within a few hours, avoiding the risk of losing your website for a long time!

The most important thing when choosing a web hosting company is the quality of supporting system. No one will be happy when not being able to contact a customer service in the situation of problems occurred. All one can do is to write a email and wait and pray a representative can come to aid as soon as possible. As a result, the best web hosting service is to provide live chat support available in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By this kind of service, you can have immediate support when encountering a technical problem. And in the end you can resolve your problem in time.

Look for the rankings in hosting directories or review forums to come with an optimum answer. There are two choices that are available for any Webmaster which are dedicated web hosting and reseller web hosting. Some prefer the former due to its advantages like a committed and unshared bandwidth, excellent customers support, data security, higher uptime, advanced domain knowledge and practical and reliable web hosting plans.

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