Saturday, 11 July 2009

Make your website listed in Google's index.

After we publish a website, the next step is how the website is there always on the visit by another person. for that we must promote our website. 

Once you select a web host company , the next step is that we can create interesting content for your website in accordance with the discussion of the topic you want. Once ready, buy a domain name of the appropriate 
discussion on the topic with your website content. and upload your website content . 

the next step is how to make your website listed in Google's index.or other search engine like yahoo, and msn more. there are many articles on the internet which provide guidance on this matter. maybe you can find it on google by typing the keyword “get listed in google index.”
there are several ways to make your website listed in search engines: 
submit your website on search engines by typing in your browser 

will take some time to make your website listed in google . if you want a short time you may be able to use a paid service such as 
but what if you do not want to use the paid services? 

Try to make the title of your website with the same name of your website, complete the meta tag keywords and meta description tag your website and try to match the title of your website. 

Create an account or a few sites on the social bookmarking, such as for example the upload link from your website  

Submit your website links to various search engines., directory, forums and blogs.

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